1st DIY shift dress

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Trying to find a shift dress that suits your body type perfectly is such a hectic affair especially if you are the specific type like myself. I’ve always had a thing for free, loose kind of dresses because of the comfort and absolute freedom that comes with wearing them. Shift dresses are really versatile in terms of styling, you can dress them up or down according to the mood of the day, weather or the place/event you are going to. It’s very easy to make a dusk to dawn kind of look with just one shift dress. I had some extra fabric and I decided to further my skills and learn how to design and stitch my own outfits. I am excited to be showing you my very first dress. I also made my mum a wonderful kishutu mermaid dress which I will share with you one of these fine days. Check out how I was able to dress it up/down using just a belt and also how I chose to add an extra touch with the scarf/head wrap.

free & belted

side scarf & head wrap


Do let me know what you think in the comment section below. looking forward to sharing more of my looks. 🙂



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