Earthy Tones

If you asked me to pick between an all black or all deep green look, I’d probably go with the green. I’m a sucker for deep earth tones. Browns, jungle green, greys, teal….yup, that’s me!

I find these colors very easy to wear and mixing them up can never be a fashion fail because they blend together effortlessly. You can always add a hint of colorful accents with your accessories to add some bright vibes to your outfit but I’m here to represent the laid back, chic, earthy fashionista who just wants to have fun with the cool hues 😉

Check out how I blended in with nature in this jungle green midi bodycon dress from Kayya Store and chocolate brown Steve Madden kitten heels.

photography: Nzioka Kyome

Dress: Kayya Store

Shoes: Toi Market

Author Mnyazi Dzombo

Bubbly young lady who is passionate about Fashion and Art. Current Fine Art and Design student. Entrepreneur & founder: Kayya Store.

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