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When my sister and I were shopping for fabric for Kayyas Kishutu & Leso bomber collection we only had one or two colors in mind and we really did not expect the vendors to have such a wide variety of beautiful, interesting hues and prints of the kishutu fabric.

Allow me to enlighten you. The leso and Kishutu fabrics both originate from the Coast of Kenya, Leso from the swahili people and Kishutu from the Mijikenda (My peoples!😝). The original Kishutu is usually a mix of black, red & white patterns and it was worn mostly by women but men could also adorn it.

My collection of bombers was a rainbow! so beautiful, diverse, bright and absolutely gorgeous. I fell in love with the pink kishutu fabric because yes, I’m such a girly girl and I could never say no to pink.

Jeans and a basic tank were my go to pair ups for most of the bombers. Low white heels were the perfect match for this smart casual look. Check out how I rocked the pink one!

Photography – Nzioka Kyome

Bomber jacket – Kayya Store

tank – Own

Jeans – Own

Shoes – Own


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