Of dresses & rubber shoes..

I’m a comfort fanatic. I seriously never struggle to dress up in a way that will render me helpless in these streets. I do a lot of walking around daily so yes, comfort is my number one priority. Rubbers and jeans/leggings are my go to outfit picks, all day every day. However, I have been exploring a bit, just a bit.

Recently, I had a collection of leso bomber jackets and head wraps for my online fashion store, Kayya Store and the biggest task I had was to style the jackets. My style is usually simple and I love putting together really basic items to create a beautiful look. I will be showing you guys how I paired the bombers and wraps differently to suit the everyday simple and stylish girl.

here I paired this bomb deep red dress with a red and green leso wrap, both from Kayya Store and my all time fave tommies from bata. It was my first time to try out this look and I loved how simple, comfortable yet dressy the look was. definite go to pair-up.


photography: Paul Nzioka

dress: Kayya Store

Head wrap: Kayya Store

Shoes: Bata


Author Mnyazi Dzombo

Bubbly young lady who is passionate about Fashion and Art. Current Fine Art and Design student. Entrepreneur & founder: Kayya Store.

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